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Douglass and Shelly began their initiation into what is now known as the craft beer culture nearly 30 years ago. As we explored and sought out the vast array of flavors available through the use of the four basic brewing ingredients and beyond, our appreciation grew into a desire to create our own contributions to that wonderful world. We are now 19 years into the brewing process, five of those as The Brewery of Broken Dreams, with no end in sight!

As a New York State Farm Brewery we endeavor to work closely with our neighboring farmers and are inspired by the new flavors that our locally grown ingredients add to our beers. At this time our beers are brewed with 100% NYS hops and 100% NYS base malts.


Fermenter tank image

We look forward to experimenting with new sources within the boundaries and bounties of our Central and Western NYS regions . It is a bit like the realization of a dream as we learn to adapt and embrace the diversity throughout the creative process. Each recipe is created with a combination of experience, experimentation and patience as we eagerly anticipate the final outcome.

It seems that we have found a kindred spirit in the building that is now home to our brewery. Much like our own story, It to has successfully adapted to multiple changes over it's 120+ year history. Many wine makers, two fires, and several reconstructions and renovations have enhanced it's character!


Expect to find traditionally inspired, uniquely crafted ales that will entice and satisfy your senses.  Let the call of the loon draw you to the adventure that awaits your beer thirsty soul!



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