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The Beer

Join us as we delve into the possibilities that native ingredients of the region provide us! 

Pouring from 12 Taps (10 - 11 standard and rotating ales and 1 occasional limited release/specialty ale).

As a New York State Farm brewery we are required to use a minimum of 60% NYS grown hops and 60% NYS grown other ingredients such as barley, wheat, rye, oats, and honey to name a few. Not being minimalists, currently 70% or more of our ingredients are grown right here in NYS, including 100% of our hops and 100% of our base malts!

On Tap

beer to go!
cans and bottles available to pick up

Bottle availability changes often.
Cans are available on demand for beers on tap

Please check tasting room for current offerings

Tasting -$8 - 4 (2oz) $2/additional
Flight - $12 - 4 (4oz) $3/additional
$2.50 to keep your regular tasting glass with your tasting

By the Glass -
full pour (beer) $6-$9 
short pour (beer), $4-$5
cider pour $5-$8

Growlers (glass) $5
32oz Fill  $8/$9
64oz Fill $15/$16

Bottles (size vary)  $6+
Cans 16oz fill on demand (any beer on tap) $5.50+

$6 (redeemable for 1 standard pint)
**Specialty ale and cider prices vary

snacks & beverages
chips, pretzels, nuts
local dilly dawgs (cheese filled pickles) and cheese curds
Assorted sodas and sparkling waters

You are always welcome to BYOs (Bring your own snacks)

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