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Why The 


The name, The Brewery of Broken Dreams comes from years of experience and a healthy dose of humor!


After all, what is dreaming but exploring, discovering, and processing   unresolved thoughts and emotions.


Consider the following analogy, (We equate) broken dreams are simply (with) jigsaw puzzles that have yet to be completed. The pieces of a puzzle require sorting, studying, and placing in the right position until you have the complete picture.


For us, as for most, it has been and will continue to be a lesson in learning   to allow the natural   flow from observation   and awareness   to patience and persistence   in our metamorpheses from dream phase to the true and fulfilling version of our reality.


In Native American tradition   the loon symbolizes   the reawakening   of dreams.


The tears make the difference because there are tears for all occasions including joy!

Image of a loon
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